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Restorative dentistry

  • Prophylaxis from your first tooth. On request, we are happy to remind you of your check-up and prophylaxis appointments.

  • Caries infiltration that is gentle on the teeth/Icon fillings without drilling › www.bohren-nein-danke.de

  • High-quality filling treatment/Inlays in the colour of your own teeth

  • Modern root treatment using efficient and extremely flexible instruments

  • Caries recognition at the initial stage with the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment

Periodontitis treatment

  • Electronic probing depth measurement of the gingival pockets to identify the treatment and follow-up

  • Bacterial analysis of your oral flora

  • Scaling and pocket reduction

  • Splinting of loose teeth


Aesthetic dentistry

  • Bleaching

  • Veneers

  • Harmony splints › www.orthos.de

  • Recession coverage: Transplantation of your own gum tissue to cover exposed dental necks

Prosthetic dentistry

  • Digital mould using non-contact scanner › www.itero.com

  • Modern and metal-free

  • Implants

  • Implant-free care in patients with severe gingival problems, in the elderly or in those with fear of implants

  • Telescopes


  • Gentle extraction

  • Root-end resection

  • Pocket reduction surgery for more advanced disease

  • In complex cases, we will refer you to our network of experienced colleagues

Splint therapy

  • for temporomandibular joint problems/muscle tension

  • for grinding/clenching the teeth

  • for snoring